March 19, 2008

A Shout Out to Flower Chat!

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It seems over the past few days The Wedding Blog has been getting a lot of attention.  I check our blog stats once a day, because it’s really fun to see how people get to the site via a search, or link, etc.  It’s very interesting.  Well the past few days we have been getting a TON of hits from a link to a florist message board called Flower Chat.  Now, I don’t know if what they are saying is good or bad, since you have to register for the site to read the post, you also have to be a professional florist in order to register. (who knew florists had this secret society?)

So, who knows maybe they are all talking about that bitch who doesn’t know a thing about flowers, but I welcome you to the blog either way.

I am psyched with the florist we found and I am confident she will do a great job for us, within our budget. Maybe she linked to us.
I am also thrilled to be using small, local vendors for EVERYTHING!

For brides out there on a budget that truly is the way to go, and I don’t feel we’re sacrificing quality at all for it.

That’s all for now. Welcome to all our new readers out there!

– Molly

(Flower photo borrowed from – love those gerbera daisies! Some great photos over there, check it out! and hey, he does wedding photography too, so if your in Wisconsin maybe you should look him up…)


February 29, 2008


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For the most part (a few minor freak outs excluded) I think Mitch and I are really enjoying planning this wedding. At least I am. The DIY projects are moving right along and the stress levels have been relatively low considering how much is going on. I think that speaks well of our future marriage as well.

However, we are now at the flowers stage of the game and I couldn’t be less thrilled. This is probably going to be my least favorite part of this whole process. I’m not really that interested in flowers. I mean sure, they’re pretty and smell nice and brighten up a room, but they also die, and in my hands they die faster than most. There is just so much about these little things that I don’t understand. People seem to plan their weddings around their favorite flowers and have exotic ones flown in from overseas and the like. (Perhaps I’ve been watching too many wedding shows on the WE network though). I just can’t imagine being that attached to a certain flower and willing to pay top dollar for it. Can’t I just pick some from a neighbor’s garden that day?

All kidding aside, I’m just a little nervous about being raked over the coals here.

I am taking my Mom/MOH with me to play bad cop (or maybe she’s the good cop). Also we can always fall back on the “well, i’ll have to run it by my fiancee first, he holds the money you know” haha. Mitch will be enjoying himself snowboarding while all this is going on.

I HOPE to get a fairly good deal on flowers. We are not having floral centerpieces so right there I think we’re cutting a good chunk of cash out. (more on what we’re actually doing for centerpieces later) I just want to get bouquets – for me and the gals, my mom, Mitch’s mom (spoiler alert!) and the grandmothers. I am choosing to do smaller bouquets for the MOG and Grandmothers instead of corsages. Just cause I like the idea. Then boutonnières (i have totally learned how to spell that) for all the groomsmen, Dads and Grandpas. That should be IT for flowers. My estimated budget may be too small for all that, but I’m going to see what creative things people can come up with to make it work.

They’re just flowers people!

As for appointments we have three over the course of the weekend. Appointment #1 is with the recommended florist for our venue – Windmill Florist in Fitchburg, MA. We spoke briefly with them at the tasting we went to a few weeks ago.

Appointment #2 is with Beyond Petal Pushers in Westminster, MA. This is in the same town as our venue and I just found them during a Google search for florists. We will meet with Gwen.

Appointment #3 is on Sunday with a woman my Mom knows. I guess she used to work for a florist and now does flowers for weddings and probably other events on the side. She is going to get some books to my Mom for us to go through and then we will sit down with her Sunday morning. I’m really looking forward to this one. I’m guessing we would get a more honest price from her than a commercial florist that hears “wedding” and instantly doubles their prices. I guess we’ll see though. Maybe flowers are just way more expensive than I think they are.

I honestly can’t believe how much people spend on flowers for weddings. I just can’t imagine having this as one of the bigger percentages of our budget. It’s one thing if you have a $40K budget and spend $3K on flowers, it’s quite another to spend $3K on flowers when you have a $15K budget. I just want to get this part over with and check it off the list to be honest.