November 12, 2008

Two Month Update

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Well we have been a happily married couple for exactly 2 months now!

Marriage… so far it’s great. It’s pretty much the same as it was before the wedding which is a good thing.  I think when couples expect the relationship to be “better” or “different” after marriage is when there are problems.  Getting married doesn’t change anything about who you are as a couple. It doesn’t change much but the rings on your fingers and maybe your last name.

Speaking of changing your name… who knew this process could be so taxing. I think I’ve finally changed it in most places, but I keep finding it’s more work than I thought it would be.  This might be another separate post all together since there is plenty of information to share with the ladies out there that might be going through this.  All I can say is Name That Bride was a life saver! This site has all the forms you need to print out FOR FREE as well as a checklist of where you should change your name to make sure you cover everything. There are places that charge up to $50 for this same information.  That’s all I’ll say on name changing for now.

In other married people news, we are definitely saving to buy a bigger place (someday). We need it just to put away all the awesome gifts we got for the wedding! My parents have generously been letting us keep our gifts at their house and take them home in small increments each time we visit.  They could probably open their own branch of Crate and Barrel currently. We appreciate the generosity! There are things that I can’t wait to use in our “new house” and it is definitely our top goal currently.  Save Save Save away.  Maybe in about 4 years we’ll have enough for a down payment.

For those of you who are thinking “what about kids?” the answer is “Not yet.”  😛

Happy 2 month anniversary to my wonderful husband!