August 29, 2008

DIY Projects Part II

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Part II of DIY Projects

(Click on any picture to enlarge)

Project #3 – Favors

For our favors we are going to have boxes of M&Ms – We have yet to put these together so I do not have a finished product picture yet. Here are the components however:

Boxes from

Ribbon from Paper Source and Michaels

Labels DIY Monogram and Avery round Labels

Favor Tags – Printed to Avery Business cards

Back of the tag has information for people to upload their digital pictures of the wedding to our wedding flickr account. I hope people do this because I’d love to see all of them.

Project #4 – Menus

I totally added on this project and was not originally going to do menus.  We are having a buffet dinner and I didn’t think it would be necessary. Then I thought of this idea to make them actual menus that you open. It was too cute to not try.  There will be two on each table… maybe more since I think we planned for more tables then we actually need.

Front of Menu – Chocolate folded card stock A7 size. Poppy and Red card stock cut down for the front and “Menu” printed on the soft white text weight paper.  The leaf stamp from the invitations was carried on to this as well.

Menu inside – printed two per sheet of soft white paper, cut to fit and attached to card stock.

Picture of the menus open

I’m really happy with how the menus came out and how the idea just all worked out from my head onto the paper. That doesn’t always work.

That’s it for part II, stay tuned for at least one more…

– Molly

2 weeks to go!!


August 28, 2008

DIY Projects Part I

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So, now that it is 15 days from the wedding I feel like I can share all my DIY projects with the world.

First of all, I really had a great time with all these projects, though I will share the difficulties I had with certain things, in the end I’m happy with how everything came out and it was a lot of fun having all these projects.

So much fun that after they were all done I added a few more, just for the heck of it.

(Click any picture to enlarge)

Project #1 – Save The Dates

Being that I LOVE making my own cards I figured this task would be a piece of cake. It pretty much was but there were a few snags.  First of all the leaf punch is a little hard to close and it made my hands and wrists hurt from punching out all those little leaves.

Also I had trouble lining everything up with my fairly new MacBook and the program I used was not helping me to print 4 to a page. I eventually spaced them out manually and I think they came out alright in the end but it was pretty frustrating at the time.

We wanted the font to be more “fun” than formal and I think the look we were going for was achieved. We also included a smaller card with the hotel accommodation information. This was printed smaller than I would have liked, but otherwise the pertinent information would not have fit.  I had to cut it down enough as it was.

All supplies came from Paper Source in Brookline, MA (see link in Blogroll for more info on Paper Source)

Proofreading done by Mitch.

Project #2 – Invitations

Right after the Save The Dates were done I started on the invitations.  We wanted to keep the leaf theme and continue to use our “wedding colors” which are really just fall colors.  The problems I had with the colors were making sure it was not too “Halloweenie”. The Red and the Ivory really had to come into play to make sure that didn’t happen.

Main Invitation 5×5 square flat card stock

I printed the information to Soft White – Text weight paper, fitting two per page. I had purchased Mac’s iWork software and used the program Pages to set these up and avoid the problems I had with the Save The Dates.  I then cut them out and punched the leaf in opposite corners and glued the red leaves onto the others. I then glued this to the “Poppy” orange card stock.

Direction cards – 4 bar card stock in “Poppy”.  This card stock decided to give me trouble in the printer.  I had printed to the same card stock for the Hotel information in the Save the Dates no problem.  This time however it wouldn’t feed through the printer.  I ended up getting it to work by feeding one sheet at a time by hand and kind of pushing it a long.

RSVP card – printed to text weight paper in Soft White and glued it to the 4 bar cardstock in Poppy.

Petal Enclosure in Chocolate, stamped in gold with leaf stamp

All put together with a red ribbon.

We then folded in the sides of the petal enclosure and put them into the envelopes. When you open the envelopes the side with the gold leaves sticks out. (I’m sure no one noticed that but me)

Envelopes Front and Back – Hand addressed by me! (Yes we invited Mickey and Minnie, they have yet to respond )

We used the $0.59 wedding stamps that come in a pale orange color (which I was so excited about)!  Apparently for certain post offices that was not enough for the square invites.  I learned my lesson there.  We had asked two post offices and mailed a trial to ourselves and still got 9 back needing more postage. Oh well. In the end I’m pretty sure everyone got theirs.

Stay tuned for more DIY projects in the days to come.


15 days to go!

August 19, 2008

Crisis averted

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As Molly mentioned recently, we hit our first real snag when the ceremony musician had to back out. There was a scramble to find a solution, and it appears we found one. It turns out that my good friend Jamo and his dad are quite the guitar-wielding duo. They’ll be playing the ceremony for us. I guess it turned out not to be such a big deal after all. If this is the biggest problem that arises, I think we’ll be doing pretty well.

In other news, last Friday was the cut-off date for RSVPs, and we have received… most of them. We’ve got to track down a few people, though. Overall it looks like we’ve gotten the 20% shrinkage from the total guest list that they say you should expect. It’s fine with me, as that means the whole thing will be a bit cheaper than we’d anticipated. Many absences will be lamented, though.

Pat, our officiant, has written a lovely script for the ceremony. I’m not sure if the state has yet sent him his one-day dispensation to perform the ceremony, but given that they’ve cashed my check already it had better be in the mail.

So that’s that. Lots of little things to do between now and the big day.

August 11, 2008

Marriage License

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Look what we picked up today…

We have our Marriage License!! Woohoo!

(Yes, we’re a little excited about it.)

One month to go!!!!

August 8, 2008

Good News/Bad News…

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The GOOD news is we applied for our marriage license last night and can pick it up on Monday.

The BAD news is our ceremony musician has canceled on us.
The search is BACK on for a musician or we’re going to have to play CDs on a boom box.

This is how brides get stressed out.

35 days to go…


August 1, 2008

Getting Married NEXT Month!!

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So we can now say “We are getting married NEXT month!!”


Things are really coming together nicely.  I’ve spent the past week getting in touch with our vendors and finalizing the details.  I’ve been making place cards as our RSVPs roll in (still waiting on around 48 or so) so we are right on top of things.

I decided to add more DIY projects onto the list in the past month.  We now have menus for the tables as well as a card box made by yours truly.  The card box is not entirely finished but will be soon.

Last weekend I went to have the seamstress look at my dress.  She will be shortening the straps and putting in a little bustle so my tiny train doesn’t get stepped on at the reception.  YAY!

Next week Mitch and I are going to take a trip to the Brookline Town Clerk’s office and apply for our marriage license! We found out that Brookline charges $35 as opposed to Boston’s $50 and they are open until 8pm on Thursdays, where Boston is only open 9am-4pm (closed on Wednesdays). No contest there.

Today is also a big day for Mitch as I have ordered him his FIRST pair of flip flops for the honeymoon! Marriage is already changing him. 🙂

That’s all the updates I have for now.  We are taking a NON wedding related weekend and heading up to Maine. Much needed break.

More to come!!

42 Days to go!