July 17, 2008

Follow Up

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The good news is that I found out where those missing invitations were.  The bad news is they were on their way back to us as they were sitting on our coffee table when I got home yesterday.  SIGH!  Apparently the Athol and Turners Falls (so far) post offices do require the 20 cent surcharge for square envelopes.  I’m hoping these are the only ones we get back. There were 9 in total. ugh.

I brought them to the post office this morning to stick two 10 cent stamps on there and mailed them back out.  The guys at the post office were very nice and helpful and even agreed with me that the rule should obviously be universal because I got very conflicting information and it seems most of them made it through just fine.  Hopefully that’s the last of them.

Also the hotel situation has been rectified. Our contact Kate at the Wachusett Village Inn fixed all of that for us yesterday.  So far we’ve had a very good experience with them and I hope it continues.



July 16, 2008

Small Hiccups have occurred…

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Things have been going very smooth so far in the planning and executing of this upcoming wedding day. That is until now.  Granted what I’m about to complain and gripe about in the grand scheme of things is not a huge deal and most likely will be worked out in the near future, however, I can now see where people get stressed out with this stuff. I am only borderline stressed and only if these things are not resolved will I actually get stressed.

We mailed our invitations on Friday, July 11th.  This was one day away from being 2 months to the day before the wedding.  Giving ample time for them to arrive and for the RSVPs to be returned by our date of August 15th.  Now I know this is early to be freaking out, however my parents who live an hour and a half away from me and who always get any mail I send them next day STILL have not received their invitation! Mitch and I actually joked that we should say we had to cut the guest list and they got cut. HA! I have heard from multiple people that they received their invitations including Melanie, one of my California Bridesmaids (yes it made it there in 3 days). Seriously. WTF?  I’m not sure if other guests in my hometown are receiving theirs (if anyone there wants to chime in and let me know that would be awesome) but it seems very odd.

So against my previous decision to not post any pictures of the invites until they were received I am about to show you the front of the invitation envelope.  This is what to be on the look out for! (click image to enlarge)

If you see any of these laying in a gutter somewhere please return them to me.

Second hiccup issue:  I had the Wachusett Village Inn send over the list of rooms that have been booked already for the night of the wedding.  We added a few more since I believe there are people that still need to book a room.  Anyway, as I look closer I notice that the suite for the bride and groom that is included in our package has the wrong dates! It has us arriving on the 13th of September (the day AFTER our wedding) and leaving on the 14th (When we will be in Punta Cana on our Honeymoon!) siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh.  They also had an extra night down for one of our guests when they had requested only one night.  I contacted our coordinator there and hopefully they were just simple typing mistakes that can be easily rectified, but geez!  Wouldn’t you think that when booking a room for the night of someone’s wedding, for the bride and groom no less, that you would get the date right?

This is how people get stressed out about wedding planning.


July 9, 2008

Telemarketing NIGHTMARE!

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DO NOT GO TO DAVID’S BRIDAL! If you do give them a fake phone number or one you never use or something.

I have been hassled with telemarketing calls ever since I went to David’s Bridal.  I know they are giving out my information because they are the ONLY wedding related place that I gave my information to.  I haven’t been to a bridal expo or any other wedding related retailer. These are examples (not the entire list BY FAR) of the calls I’ve been getting:

– Do you need a wedding photographer?

– Do you need a DJ?

– You have won a trip to one of three places!!! All you have to do is come in and listen to our talk about cookware and pay for airfare and give us your first born! (okay that last item is not actually true) – i’ve gotten this call three times, that is the most lucky I’ve EVER been with contests I never entered!

– David’s Bridal themselves continues to call and I actually yelled into the phone “I DON’T NEED ANYTHING FOR MY WEDDING!” and hung up the last time.  This was at an outdoor T station by the way, people were frightened.

The most aggravating one so far has been the number from California #(310)318-0779 that continues to call my phone several times a day.  Yesterday they called 5 times. I answered once and no one spoke, I could hear some background “call center” noise, but no one answered my “HELLOOOOOO” s.  Today they called again and I answered, simply to tell them to stop calling.  I was greeted by a woman’s voice telling me that she was calling from Worldwide Publishing. Her name was Lucy or Lisa or something like that.  I cut her off and told her to take me off their list and stop calling. She then told me to “Have a nice day.” and followed that up with saying “You sound really cranky” . Are you F*&$#NG kidding me? You harass me with unwanted calls and then insult me when I say I don’t want you to call anymore?

So now I want to know exactly how to report this company and make sure they can no longer do business, though I’m sure with tactics like this they can’t get much.  I am now registering my number on the National Do Not Call Registry and will be trying to make a complaint somehow, someway. Your number apparently has to be on the list for 31 days before you can make a complaint through them.

Honestly. David’s Bridal is a poor excuse for a company! Stay away!

This post was very hard to write without swearing like a sailor.


July 7, 2008


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For the wedding we have set up a Flickr account to house all the photos.  We plan to give out the login for this account to our guests so that they can upload their pictures from the wedding and see everyone else’s as well as our professional ones.  I figured why not start with the bridal shower pictures.  So go ahead and check them out if you’re interested.  You might even see me opening YOUR gift!

Our Flickr Account

If you have pictures from the shower that you want to share on the site, just let me know and I can give you the login information.