June 30, 2008

Wedding Packed Weekend!

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Boy did I have a wedding packed weekend!

On Saturday my Mom and I went out to Lunenburg to the Hey Good Lookin’ Salon for my hair and makeup trial. My appointment was at 11:00 a.m. and I didn’t sit down in the chair until almost 12:00 p.m. The place was packed and they were doing a ton of hair for a wedding that day as well as another trial run on a VERY picky bride-to-be. I blame her for the lateness not the salon, although the owner is the head hair and makeup guru so she continued to be interrupted as my appointment went on. She did however do a great job on my hair and makeup. My hair didn’t come out as I had imagined it would, but what she did looked great so why fight it. My hair does not like to be curled, so I think what I had in mind wouldn’t have held up anyway. She even put my hair pin in there and adjusted it so that some of the strands hang down instead of straight up like a peacock feather on the back of my head. I tell you I danced around all afternoon trying to shake my hair loose, and besides a few strands it stayed put. I finally had to just take it out and boy was my hair HUGE!

The makeup was good as well. Definitely more than I would normally wear, but I think that’s the point. The only problem I had was the mascara. It made my eyes really dry and I wanted to itch it right off. I will let her know that for the day of and maybe there is another product she can use. It did hold up even to tears however, so that’s a good sign.

Sunday was my surprise bridal shower! I was tricked into attending Sunday “brunch” at the King Phillip Restaurant in Phillipston, MA. In reality I was attending my shower in the function room downstairs. My entire family was in on it as my Dad, brother and Mitch all came along. They then went off to the driving range and batting cages where Mitch had a great time on his own little outing.

I must say that even though the cat was let out of the bag prior to this weekend and I was not completely surprised, it was still great. My Mom, Sister in Law and two Bridesmaids Lisa and Kathleen really put an awesome party together and I felt very loved. Lisa had me start off with her signature drink the Strawberry Mimosa (YUM!) and then we had some yummy food. I apparently did not eat very much because I was super hungry when I got back home and chowed down on left over shrimp. They also had a delicious cake for us which I still have a chunk of at home.

I got to see some family and friends that I hadn’t seen in awhile and even met my cousin’s daughter for the first time and I think she’s about 4 now, so that was great. Highlights were opening the presents from my Grandmother who just passed away a few weeks ago. Apparently she had picked out the margarita glasses on our registry and had my Aunt bring those with a bottle of tequila. My grandmother was pretty much responsible for bringing the frozen margarita to my hometown when she got back from a trip to California over 30 years ago. It made me remember on my 21st birthday that she sent me $20 and wrote a note that I should buy a bottle of tequila and make margaritas to celebrate! Definitely made me cry, but it was nice to know she was thinking of us near the end. (okay, god, this is making me cry now, so I’ll move on. ) Other highlights – The pot holder I had made my Dad’s cousin for her shower like 20 years ago that she had saved all this time and gave back to me. Hilarious! I was not expecting that at all and it was such a great gift! I’m still laughing about it.

The two games we played were a lot of fun. One was “How Much Do You Know About The Bride” where I had to ask everyone questions and see if they could guess the right answer. They were really tough questions, but the answers were fun and everyone got a some laughs. Mitch showed up at the end of that game and was present for the final game – not sure what it was called but you had to transfer cotton balls from one bowl to another blindfolded using a giant spoon. I did pretty well actually. I’m not sure what that says about my future wifehood, but it has to be a good sign.

I really had a terrific time and I am so thankful to the ladies who made it all happen and everyone who drove out to Phillipston to be a part of it. We have so many gifts and it was just awesome to show Mitch what everyone and given us and read him the cards and everything. It makes it all seem a bit more real now. Unfortunately we couldn’t even get half the stuff home with us last night because it wouldn’t fit in the car! So, we will have to bring it home in shifts for the next few months.


June 25, 2008

Napkins, as promised

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Here are the personalized napkins we ordered through the shop on theknot.com.  I must say I’m pretty happy with them.  Although if you look up close there seems to be some flaked off print around the words. Not sure what that’s about, but whatever, they are napkins. The weirdest thing is seeing my name written out like that… hey, be thankful I didn’t decide to hyphenate my last name!

Hopefully we can find some plain ones in a deep red, deep orange or chocolate brown color to mix in with these.  If not, oh well it’s not the end of the world.

As for other wedding news. The invitations are all ready to go out.  They are stuffed, addressed and stamped and sitting in a box for a few more weeks.  Two have been put in the mail early.  One to a friend who will be in London for the Month of July and one to our dear friends Mickey and Minnie Mouse.  More on that later.

79 days to go (and I’m still not stressed out)



June 18, 2008

Getting our penguin suits on

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The to-do list on theknot.com was starting to get a lot of exclamation points on it about formalwear for the gentlemen, so last night Molly and I went to Mens Wearhouse to pick out tuxes. My reasoning behind choosing MW Tux was simple: There was one a block from my office. Price, quailty, etc. didn’t really factor into it, although the final result seems inexpensive enough, as these things go. The dudes in my wedding may not agree. But it’s also convenient, because as I understand it, the guys can go to any location to get measured, and then afterward we can drop all the tuxes off at any store we like.

I don’t know if it’s the location we went to, or what, but that place was a freakin’ zoo. Although there were about eight employees on the floor, it seemed like nobody besides the manager was actually capable of, you know, doing anything. Some new guy took our information down initially, but then the manager had to enter it into the system. In the meantime, another customer wanted to make a return, but only the manager was apparently authorized to do so. What were all the other dudes on the floor doing? It took almost an hour to go through the whole process. The manager was a pretty funny guy, at least.

What’s also weird is that they don’t have sample tuxes on site, so you have to choose from pictures in a catalog. I’m sure it’s not a big deal — a tux is a tux, although I was sorely tempted to rock some pinstripes for a minute there. If you’d like to share in my befuddlement about what the tuxes will end up looking like in real life, have I got the links for you: Take a look at the groomsmen’s ensemble, and my own. I am pretty sure that I will look deadly.


June 10, 2008

Do It Yourself!

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I am having a blasty blast with all the DIY projects.  I could really do this stuff for a living. So for all our readers who barely have time to read this blog never mind get out their glue gun. I’m your gal for anything crafty!

The invitations are basically done.  Just waiting on a few address updates and spelling checks and we are good to go!  The stamps I ordered have shipped and I am SO excited that the wedding stamp colors fit our pallet. The previous postage rates were in pink and purple and I’m really not a fan of either, not that it would have stopped me from buying the 58 cent ones, because there really is no alternative. We have to use 59 cent stamps for our invitations as they are square and over 1oz. Those come in a pale orange color! never thought I’d be so excited for stamps.  I have pictures of the finished product, but I am hesitant to post them. I don’t want to give EVERYTHING away.

We also now have all the supplies for the centerpieces, minus the apples which will be bought a day or two before the wedding.  I made a mock up of that as well and I must say it came out exactly as it looked in my head! WOOHOO! See pictures at the beginning of this post.

Our personalized napkins came in yesterday as well. They came out very well.  I will post a picture of those as soon as I can take one.

Next on my DIY list is figuring out some sort of card box.  This was something that came up at our meeting with Kate a few weeks back.  She asked if we would be bringing one and I thought “CRAP”. So I guess something did fall through the cracks and I just never even thought about it until she mentioned it. Right now I’m gathering ideas and hoping that I can fashion something out of card board or foam board or something like that.  We are certainly not willing to pay $20-$30 for a silly little box that we’ll never use again.