May 27, 2008

Wedding Updates

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There is actually quite a bit to post about.  It’s been a little busy around here lately.

First of all we did decide to order the personalized napkins.  Just 100 of them in ivory with cranberry colored print.  We hope to pick up some plain cocktail napkins in other colors as well to mix in. They have not come in yet but I will be sure to post a review (and maybe a picture) when they do.

This past Saturday we met with Kate over at the Village Inn to discuss all the details for the wedding.  We chose our menu which will be a buffet and should be super yummy. There will also be a cheese and cracker platter (which is awesome) as well as 5 hors d’oeuvres to choose from during the cocktail hour (actually 45mins). These all include something for vegetarians and meat eaters alike.  Trust me, I was very sure to have something for everyone… except vegans, so if anyone out there is one let me know because I will have to make some adjustments.

We also decided to go with a limited open bar option.  As with everything there are costs and a budget to consider and as much as I would love to offer a full open bar all night to our (just over) 100 guests, it’s just not feasible on a budget.  So we came to a middle ground and will be offering beer and wine for the cocktail hour and the reception. Mixed drinks will be offered as well, but those will have to be paid for by the guests.  This has brought up some controversy and apparently there are a million ways to look at this (who knew).  The biggest thing is that I think we’re both happy with the decision we made.  You have to do what works for you.  I would say to anyone on a strict(er) budget that perhaps a cash bar would be a better choice or even a daytime wedding where guests are less likely to drink as much.  Kate estimated three drinks per person at $5 a drink so, we’re looking at $15 per person. I think that’s a fairly low estimate, but I guess it depends on the group.

Kate also started a time line of the whole night.  Wow, when it goes down on paper it makes it all seem to go by quickly. I was a little shocked when all was said and done that there were only 2 hours left at the end of the night.  How does that happen?

Also the make your own ice cream sundaes are a go!! This was the one big thing that we “had to have” – I really can’t say there is anything else that we were so set on.  We opted out of the cake that was included in our package for a discount on the ice cream buffet.  (also opted out of the chocolate fountain for a champagne toast). I’m VERY excited for this and can’t wait to end up with hot fudge sauce all down the front of my dress (you all know it’s going to happen).  We were told there is only a half hour window for the ice cream before it melts. So hopefully that all goes smoothly and it’s not sitting there for an hour without anyone knowing.

All in all things are going very smoothly with planning.  This past weekend we also got all the glass bowls (picture above) for the centerpieces that I will be DIYing (with the help of my brother and sister-in-law).  We literally bought all that A.C. Moore had and they were on sale (40% off!!) so that’s done.

Next order of business is to finish addressing the invitations and search out some votive holders that are at least 4 inches high and not a million dollars.

108 days to go…



May 14, 2008

Reader Poll

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I have finally become girly on the details for this wedding.  I’m not sure why but the past few weeks I’ve had this strong urge to buy personalized napkins.  So, readers, I am asking you – should we get these?  Mitch has stated that they are not necessary, and he is completely right. They are simply a decoration that I think would be cute.

Now is cute worth $17.99 for 100 napkins plus shipping?

Voice your thoughts and opinions here!


May 12, 2008

4 Months Away!

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Today marks exactly 4 months until the wedding – Also known as 123 days!

Kind of crazy. Still lots to do.

May 9, 2008

Ceremony Music is a GO!

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I have been in talks with our ceremony musician Alan.  He is a friend of a friend and will be playing acoustic guitar for our ceremony.  He seems to have similar music tastes so that is a plus! We’re throwing songs back and forth so it may take a while to come up with the definite list, but we have time.

There will not be silence at the ceremony after all…


May 7, 2008

Printer Issues

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Last night I was determined to get some “wedding stuff” done. I even stopped watching American Idol (which was really boring me last night) in order to get things accomplished.  I had three things to print and cross off my list.  The favor tags, the monogram stickers, and the direction card inserts for the invitations.

I started with the direction cards.  Now the other night my printer (an Epson ink jet R200) printed out 3 of these no problem. I am printing directly to card stock which occasionally has trouble loading, but usually you can finagle it enough to trick it into working.  This time no dice. It wouldn’t load no matter what I did. I finally gave up on them for the night and moved on to the favor tags.  These have text on both sides so I was running the first side through and it printed 3 no problem and then stopped and wouldn’t feed. This was on Avery “Business card” stock, so thinner than the previous card stock but thicker than regular paper.  I finally got this to work by feeding through and printing one sheet at a time (both front and back). Sigh, time consuming, but at least it got done. CHECK!

The issues with the monogram stickers are not (yet anyway) due to the printer. For some reason the Microsoft Word template doesn’t seem to be translating well to the Mac Pages program (yes I bought iWork just for wedding stuff, but I heart it). The image doesn’t line up correctly, in all honesty it might be the image I created itself that’s the problem. I’m going to try and re-create it a little differently.

So, two out of three ain’t so bad, but I’m a little disappointed that the night was pretty much wasted on me swearing at my printer. It was fun to be in our office last night. Me yelling at the printer, Mitch yelling at Grand Theft Auto, I swear our neighbors are going to call the cops thinking there is domestic abuse going on one day.

I hope to attempt the direction cards again tonight. Even if I have to do one at a time that’s fine, I just want to get them done.