April 30, 2008

A question for the gents

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Comrades, I know some of you have recently been married or will be getting married soon. Maybe you can help me on the clothing issue.

I had figured I would just go to the Mens Wearhouse (who recently merged with Mr. Tux to create the monolithic MW Tux) for my tuxes, since there’s one on every block in this city. But then I heard they were pretty expensive, and I don’t want to force people to pay more than is necessary. Another option is to go someplace more local to the venue, but that would be tough for people to get out to and get measured and everything.

My question: Where did you go for tuxes, and what was your experience? What’s a reasonable price range?



April 25, 2008

Engagement Announcement – Lost?

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So, it took us awhile to get together the engagement announcement to go in both the Holliston and the Athol local papers. At the beginning of April we finally had a picture I was happy with. I was being very picky about this and I think that’s why it took so long. We didn’t have formal pictures taken – and of course our photographer just emailed me yesterday asking if we wanted to do that and now I’m thinking about it – so I just wanted a nice candid where I didn’t look silly or have like 8 visible chins. Is that too much to ask?!

So I filled out all the information for the Athol Daily News and from their website you can submit it via email with a jpeg version of the photo. I thought, “This is perfect!” yeah, I was wrong. So weeks have gone by now and still no picture or announcement in the paper. Not that this is a huge deal, but I started to worry. I mean there was a large event in my town this month – The 45th Annual River Rat Race, so I figured we had been put on the back burner. I just got an email from Mom and apparently they can’t find the email I sent.  Their quote to her was “yeah, we lose them a lot”. WOW, hilarious.

I have just REsubmitted the announcement and hope to see it in the paper soon. I’ve been joking to Mitch that they were just waiting until they had enough room on the front page for us – Local Celebrity To Be Married – apparently I’m not as popular in Athol as I thought.


April 8, 2008

Wedding Lull…

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It seems we’re in a bit of a lull right now.  I’ve been working diligently on the invitations and even started making some of the Thank You cards. However, with all the big decisions out of the way, I find we don’t really have much to do at the moment.

I guess we should enjoy it.

There is one thing that’s been on our minds and we just need to keep brainstorming about it and that is Ceremony music.  Thanks to some friends we will have an acoustic guitar player for the ceremony.  I’m really excited about that and think it will really fit the “mood” but we’re having trouble thinking of songs to have him play.  I’d like to get a list to him soon so that he has time to learn anything he doesn’t already know.  Who knew this would be so hard?

Right now we’ve got a  list of possible songs – a bunch of Beatles songs and a couple of Cure songs and one piece that I will keep secret because I think it might end up being my walking down the aisle song.

We are open to suggestions.

Hopefully we’ll have more interesting things to post about soon.  The wedding is just about 5 months away!