January 31, 2008

We’re so on top of stuff it’s just nuts

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We met with the photographer Tuesday night, and were both sufficiently impressed that I think we’re going to hire her. She’s still an undergrad, but works as a photographer’s assistant and has close to 20 weddings under her belt — a few as the lead photographer. But she’s still giving us a fairly astonishing deal, including a second photographer (presumably a classmate) for very little extra. So little, in fact, that it seems silly not to have the second shooter. I’d take my chances on having a Golden Retriever as the assistant for this price.

The package doesn’t include extensive post-production stuff, such as an album, but she’ll do a little touching up and then give us a disc with the photos to do what we will. That makes sense to me. I think for most friends and family, it’ll be sufficient to send them a Flickr link. And we can make our own albums for ourselves and our parents.

This girl was also quite professional, a nice change after the actually professional photographer forgot our meeting the week before. She came prepared with albums and a contract, and had questions for us. I get the impression she’s watched her boss do this before. But she was also sly in the way she did things like write down a florist recommendation on the back of her own business card. Later she followed up by email with Molly about the florist, and with some more photos. All in all, very polished and impressive.

We’ve also got the DJ booked, which I’m pretty psyched about, and have asked a good friend of ours to be the officiant. There aren’t a whole lot of aspects to wedding planning that I have strong opinions about, but one is the issue of the officiant. It just doesn’t make sense to me to hire a stranger to recite some boilerplate at the most personal moment of your life. I’d much rather be married by somebody who mattered to me. In this case, our officiant was the reason Molly and I met again after college. Who else should marry us?



January 29, 2008

Here’s hoping…

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We have a meeting with another photographer tonight.  Let’s hope this goes smoother than the last one.  Also, lets hope this goes smoother than the day of work I’ve been having…


January 23, 2008

We Got Stood Up!!

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We had an appointment to meet with a photographer last night.  I had set it up with her over email.  She gave me dates she was available and then we decided on a time. She also picked the location we would meet (the Starbucks near to our apartment).

We got there a little before 7pm and realized we had no idea what she looked like, how would we recognize her?  We got some tea and sat at a table studying every girl that came in on her own, could she be a photographer?  We sat and sat and sat.  No one in there seemed to be looking for anyone else and it was fairly obvious that we were the ONLY couple in the place. Maybe there was traffic we thought, maybe she’s just running late.

Yeah, 45mins later still no sign of her so I called.  She answers the phone and seems thoroughly confused as to who I am or why I am calling.  When I explain that I thought we were supposed to meet tonight, etc. she goes from confused to “OH MY GOD! I completely forgot” yadda yadda, at that point I was already done with it.  So I just told her we were going to go home now…

ugh. So obviously that didn’t work out. Which sucks and I’m mad about it.  I really liked her style and all her pictures, but my God, what if she “FORGOT” to show up on the wedding day.  bleh.  I think Mitch has pretty much already forgotten about it, but I keep shaking my head in amazement. How do you not write down that you have an appointment? I mean, this isn’t a dentist appointment, or lunch with a friend, this is a meeting with a potential CLIENT that will then give you MONEY! I just don’t get it.

Back to the drawing board…


January 22, 2008

Let The Crafting Begin!

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Yesterday was a very exciting day for me. I received my LARGE order from Paper Source with all of our Save The Date, Invitation, and placecard materials. As you may already know, I am DIYing all of this stuff and I am PSYCHED about it. I picked out some fall colors to go with the “color scheme”, and I think I did a pretty good job with the design elements. I guess we’ll see. I plan to start on the Save The Date cards this week in hopes of getting them out in March.

The best part about it is that I received some extra cards with my order. When I opened one of the boxes I noticed these red flat cards that I hadn’t ordered. I was really worried for a second that I had ordered the wrong thing and freaked out. When I went through and checked off the order, it was not on the list and I had everything I needed. So I guess someone must have accidentally put them with my order. Unless, they include something extra for VIP customers, fine with me! So, maybe I can make something else for the wedding with them, they do fit the color scheme. Yay!


January 18, 2008


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As I’d hoped, picking a date and a venue really has made all the difference. We had been spinning our wheels for awhile there, and I think the inaction was stressing us out. Now? It’s full steam ahead!

Molly has been searching for photographers. We’ve found one we like who seems willing to offer us a good deal, so we will probably meet with her and take a look at more of her work. Photographers are pretty expensive no matter how you do it, but as Molly’s mom said: the flowers die, the dress stops fitting, but the pictures last forever. I think that’s a case where it really might be worth investing some actual money.

I also was able to contact my preferred DJ, who says he’s available that evening. I have to hammer out the details with him, but the important thing is that now we’re actually getting stuff done. We can also start thinking seriously about the playlist, and the vast array of wedding standards that will not be allowed within a 500-yard radius of our reception. It’s all coming together.

Just need to, you know, send the deposit to Wachusett. We’ll get right on it, I swear.


January 17, 2008

Blogroll please…

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In the blogroll to the right of this post we have provided a link to our webpage on theknot.com.  I can’t even imagine where I would be without the knot.  It really has so much information.

This webpage will provide our guests with all the details such as directions, hotels in the area, etc.  Not a bad idea, but I wonder how many people will see it, as I’m not about to put the link in our invitations. I also doubt my grandparents will be going online anytime soon. Oh well, word spreads fast enough I’m sure.

January 15, 2008

One other thing…

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Conan O’Brien’s brother was married there. We were going through albums of weddings they had done and there he was all tall and redheaded. ha! Hey, if it’s good enough for the O’Briens it’s good enough for us!

More on the Wachusett Village Inn

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Not much to add to Molly’s previous post, but I wanted to weigh in a little bit more on the venue. In our planning, one of our priorities has been to make sure that things are convenient for our guests, which wouldn’t have been the case with Blissful Meadows. The Wachusett Village Inn has the advantage of being easy to reach from just about anywhere in the state (it’s less than an hour from Boston, and right on Route 2), and there’s plenty of lodging available on-site. The rates are pretty good, I think, $130-something per night, but we’re also going to look into trying to find a cheaper alternative nearby as well, so people can have a choice.

Also — and I know certain guests will appreciate this — there’s a bar that’ll be open for two hours after the reception ends.

Of course, the only thing that might be inconvenient is that it’s on a Friday. But, believe it or not, if we wanted to get married this year, Saturdays weren’t an option at either of the places we looked — they were all booked. People are nuts.

January 14, 2008

We Have Set A Date!

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Our whirlwind tour actually panned out rather well.

We will be getting married on Friday, September 12th, 2008 at the Wachusett Village Inn in Westminster, MA!! wahooo!

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way I can tell you about both places we visited.

Blissful Meadows was a nice place. Their outdoor ceremony space was really nice and would have looked great in the fall! It’s a golf course so nice green rolling hills and lots of trees and plants and flowers (well not now, but we saw them in pictures). That was really their biggest selling point. The reception space was nice if you looked up at the exposed wood beams strung with little white lights or down at the huge wooden bar. The carpet and PINK chairs were something else though. Of course you can get chair covers for an extra $5 per chair (that’s how they get ya!). The other BIG concern we had with this place is it’s location. We actually got lost on our way there, granted this was more of a Google maps mishap than anything else, but it was not easy to get to at all. Very out of the way and not very close to any lodging. Other than the small Inn a few miles away it was Worcester or Rhode Island pretty much. Honestly, ugliest chairs I have ever seen. Even Mitch wanted the chair covers at that point.

The Wachusett Village Inn was pretty much what we expected as far as the grounds and facilities. Very cute New England type Inn. There were two choices of reception/ceremony locations. Either outside ceremony in the courtyard and tented reception, or ceremony down by the gazebo (and Route 2) and indoor reception in the ballroom. There is also an indoor ceremony option by the fireplace outside of the ballroom. The only issues are you can’t mix and match these options. They usually do two weddings at once on Fridays and Saturdays so it’s one option or the other. On Sundays you have more flexibility since there is only one wedding per day. The outdoor courtyard is obviously the better ceremony location, however to have the tented reception is more expensive (and we weren’t sure how we felt about the whole tent thing anyway).

The gazebo option with the ballroom is literally next to Route 2 and Mitch couldn’t even hear what I was saying mere feet away with all the cars whizzing by. None of the ceremony options were ideal, but we really liked the ballroom for the reception. There is a nice area outside of the ballroom that wouldn’t be terrible for a ceremony if we were forced inside, but makes a lovely cocktail hour space nonetheless.

We had plenty of time to think everything over since we were meeting our parents there for lunch. This was their first time meeting each other and I think I was more nervous than anyone else. I had no reason to be, obviously, and it seemed that everyone got along just fine. I was actually really glad that we all met there because then we could show our parents and bounce everything off of them so we could come to a decision. We knew we wanted to have the wedding there, it was just a matter of what option and what date.

We finally decided on the indoor ballroom reception and possible indoor ceremony. When we spoke to Kate, the Inn’s wedding coordinator, about our concerns for the gazebo she offered up an alternative outdoor space for the ceremony. It’s behind the pool area and kind of small, but it would be pretty nice I think. We will have to go back in the spring/summer to see how it looks, but I think that’s probably what we will end up doing and then just use the gazebo for pictures or something. Heck, it could rain and we’d be inside anyway.

The best part about this venue is they are completely open to changes and substitutions within their packages. I think we can get exactly what we want and nothing we don’t want for a good price and that’s what is most important.

EEEEEK! It’s all happening!

Now we move on to all the other vendors we need to hire…


January 11, 2008

Whirlwind tour

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We’ve been talking about wedding plans almost non-stop since the beginning of December, but at long last, this weekend we’re finally going to, you know, do something. We’re looking at those two sites, Blissful Meadows and the Wachusett Village Inn. There are plenty more places we could probably also look, but I’m a firm believer that if you have too many options it actually becomes harder to find something you like. And given that both of these places cost roughly the same amount (somewhere in the neighborhood of “holy crap”), I don’t see any reason not to just cut a check if we prefer one to the other — and don’t see any rats running around or anything.

It would be really nice to have the date and location nailed down. Everything else will follow from that.


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