December 29, 2007

First BIG purchase!

Posted in Uncategorized tagged at 12:14 am by Molly

I just bought my wedding dress!!!! EEEEKKK!

I definitely wasn’t planning on making this purchase quite so soon, however, fate had another idea.  While checking on the dress I wanted online I found that it was no longer in the dress section.  I FREAKED out thinking they had discontinued it.  As it turns out it was in the sale section, and this weekend only they were offering an extra 20% off all sale items.

My mind immediately started second guessing itself.  Is this definitely the dress? (I haven’t even attempted to look at another one since I found it of course.)  It was 11:45pm, a little too late to call my Mom for advice… so I called Lisa.  For her sake the story will take place at an all night mall and not online.  After much discussion we decided I should just buy it because I would be upset if it were no longer available and PLUS I got an AMAZING deal on it!

So, one HUGE thing crossed off the list and I will have my dress well ahead of time.

I can’t believe I just bought my wedding dress at midnight on a Friday night. Nuts.

– Molly



  1. Mike Johnson said,

    Ha! I don’t know if you’ve talked to Mo about her dress-buying, but that sounds oddly familiar. Either you guys are awesome or you both got suckered in some bizarre long con. I’m going to vote for the former, though, seeing as there’s a clear winner in both cases.

  2. juli verock said,

    Go Lisa! Maid of Honor did good! Worse case scenario,you don’t like it and sell it on ebay for a profit. If the price was right you have nothing to fear… nice.

  3. Jessica said,

    Well I guess if it was fate then that is all that matters.

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