December 19, 2007

Our First Appointment

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We have scheduled our first appointment to see a possible wedding/reception venue.

On January 12th we will go to see Blissful Meadows in Uxbridge, MA. We have an appointment with Melissa at 1pm.

I’m really looking forward to this place because I feel that we will be able to do certain things that we really want and it seems, so far, to be within our tentative budget. There are at least three other places I’d really like to look at, so I’m hoping we can find time to see them all in January and then be able to come to a decision by February.

The thing about all this is, how do you really judge the difference? All the places we’re finding are the typical “cookie cutter” wedding venues. This in’t a bad thing, but it would be nice to do something unique. A nice park, or barn or orchard that doesn’t necessarily cater to the wedding crowd. The thing about that is then we would have to bring in outside vendors to handle everything. I’m not sure we’d be saving much money in the end and it would be a hell of a lot more work.

There is something to be said for having someone take some of those things off of your plate.

It’s all happening…




  1. Mitch said,

    My only concern is that “Blissful Meadows” sounds like a feminine hygiene product.

  2. jsg said,

    Or a particularly unenthusiastic retirement home.

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