December 14, 2007

My Ladies

Posted in Uncategorized tagged , , , at 2:14 pm by Molly

Well I have picked my ladies and they have all accepted the challenge of being a part of my wedding. YAY!

Deciding was not terribly difficult for me, as it is for most people.  It is probably easy to guess that my four bridesmaids are JUGS! For those of you who are not familiar with my all female jug band, that means Brina, Kathleen, Lisa and Melanie – all friends/roommates from college.  They are by far some of the greatest ladies in the world! I am thrilled that they all accepted my offer and seem very excited about the whole situation.  Two of them live here in the Boston area, and the other two are in California, so it wont exactly be easy to coordinate, but I’m sure we will work it out!

As for my Maid of Honor, this was a little tougher. This whole time I could only think of one person I would want to have up there next to me and that is my Mom.  She obviously has known me the longest, and is definitely my best friend.  I was waiting to ask her on Christmas, but while we were talking on the phone the other night, it just sort of came up and I couldn’t wait anymore.  She has accepted and will be my Matron of Honor!

One thing down, a million more to go. At least now I have some help. 🙂



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